Medical Device Engineering and Design
Paramedical Device Ltd. provides a complete end-to-end engineering and design service for multi-disciplinary medical tools and equipment, involving mechanics, electronics, housing, ergonomics, plastic molding, prototyping and taking care of every step right through to production planning.
Our long and varied list of engineering projects in the medical field has equipped our team with a spectrum of skills and understanding to meet the requirements of medical devices.  We provide the medical entrepreneur with a capacity to handle a project in a turnkey manner, meaning we can take care of every detail and every consideration from idea to finished product.
Promise of Secrecy and IP
Your idea is yours and yours alone. We frequently assist our customers in the process of patent registration.  Respect of intellectual property belonging to others, whether they are our customers or not, is number one on our agenda.
From Dream to Reality
Our purpose is to turn your rough idea into a viable production plan, while supplying all the engineering expertise and industry knowledge needed to get the job done.  We lead the process in a methodological manner and make sure we get all the information we need to make your project succeed. Many start-ups and doctors approach us with great ideas, but they are often troubled about the unrefined or conceptual nature of these ideas. This is our purpose – to turn your concept into a practical solution.
Below are some of the prime highlights of our special medical device engineering and design capabilities.
Designing the Device
We apply the latest engineering methodologies, including study, requirements analysis and computer aided design, to produce 3D graphical diagrams of the finished product and its components. This invariably requires out-of-the-box thinking, meaning our engineers open their minds and use their creativity because the required solution doesn't fall into any existing category.
After the design process has reached a satisfactory stage of completion and the simulation of the device appears to the inventors to be a satisfactory answer to their needs, a preliminary model of the medical device is produced. This step promotes further understanding and thinking of both you the inventor and us as your engineers, and allows further changes to be made as necessary. Finally a fully working prototype is produced that can be tested in preliminary trials.
Tooling and Molds add : mass production
The design of the process and the mechanics required for producing the medical device is an essential step in engineering a product. This step has enormous importance as it has a direct bearing on the cost and efficiency of production and of the quality of the finished product. For this reason, the benefits of Paramedical Device's tool design capability will be enjoyed long after the product design is complete.
Integration of electronics, mechanics, plastics and other materials
The combining of mechanics, electronics and other physical properties is a frequent requirement of medical devices. Furthermore a number of different materials including silicon, plastic and rubber are often constructed along with steel medical plastics and other materials. This required a high degree of skill and expertise in multi-disciplinary engineering and Paramedical Device is a leader in the field.
Medical Device Engineering - Special Requirements
Ergonomics, comfort and safety are more important for medical devices than any other product. Getting it just right has the value of reducing patient pain and suffering and/or improving the chances of success of a procedure. Moreover, correct engineering principals in a product have a direct bearing on its performance and safety.
ניסיון בשטחי הרפואה הבאים: גניקולוגיה, אסתטיקה, כירורגיה , אורתופדיה ודנטלי.
With medical devices, the human factor necessitates a risk management process
Then there are regulations and standards such as the FDA's QS (21 CFR part 820) and the international ISO 13485 and life span considerations of the device which cover development, manufacture, packaging, use and even disposal. Disposal, for example, has a great significance for throw-away medical devices and the danger of spreading infection.
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